Day 3 of the 90 video in 90 day challenge…

Is up on YouTube. Check it out here: Video #3 as I share a story about a woman who went to the police to have her cocaine checked for purity… And another story about what happens when you run from the cops.

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90 Videos in 90 Days

So I recently did a book for Audible on marketing secrets on YouTube and in the book the author issues a challenge to do 90 videos in 90 days. I said what the hell?

Then it hit me, what the heck am I gonna talk about for 90 videos in 90 days? Um…. STUPID PEOPLE IN THE NEWS!!!!!

Yep that’s right taken right from The Madhouse I have accepted the 90 day 90 video challenge and will be presenting video versions of Stupid People In The News for your enjoyment.

The 1st one is here: Stupid People In The News Video Segment on my YouTube channel and yes I started it off with the best, the Bedazzled VaJayJay.

New videos everyday with the antcis of the people we don’t want to be in the news, coming your way. Check out my channel: My YouTube Channel give the videos a watch, like and subscribe for all new ones every day for the next 90 days. And who knows, I’ll probably throw some other stuff in there as well.

As always, thanks in advance, and you’ll hear from me soon.



What a busy week, love it

Yes it’s been a busy week and yes I’m pretty happy about that. Voice over work been pretty good this week, just finished up a self help book that not only was a good book but something that I think I’m going to implement into my life.

Really good news is that The Madhouse radio show is now available on ITunes The Madhouse with Mike on ITunes, Stitcher The Madhouse on Stitcher and on Tune In radio The Madhouse on TuneIn

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I tell ya….

It’s getting harder and harder to find time to do some of the things that need to be done. Whoever said there aren’t enough hours in the day was completely right. That being said… WHAT’S UP EVERYONE????

I hope this finds everyone well. I know that aside from the standard “life” thing here and there things are good in the camp on this end.

Just submitted both The Madhouse and Get Outta My Head to several podcast providers to help the distribution of them. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep everyone updated. I especially think on Get Outta My Head Marie and I share important messages that can and helped and touched people that have listened. It’s really for this reason that I’ve submitted the shows to be distributed to a wider audience. When she and I started Get Outta My Head the real intent was to provide content and talk about subjects that were/are in people’s minds and ways to help with common every day issue and problems. So like I said, we’ll see what happens and where it goes.

As far as the voice over career. Why ya think I haven’t posted a blog in awhile? I’ve been busy which is a really good thing, the bad part is that some things go missing and I have to find a way to budget the time better.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick little note to let everyone know that we’re still kicking over here in Winterwolf tower and things are full speed ahead. I promise to talk to you all again very soon.

So until I see you, or you hear me…. be good to yourself and each other.

I say I’m gonna do this more and I just don’t…..

Ok so keeping up with this isn’t as easy as I thought it might be. I mean there is a lot going on. Ok that’s just an excuse. I have to start thinking a bit different where the old blog is concerned and remember just how important it actually is. The problem is that I normally think of it later at night and by then… well you know.

So what’s been going on? It’s been hot and cold actually. Slow the beginning of the last couple of weeks and picking up later in the week. I hope the same thing happens this week or it’s going to be the worst week I’ve had in awhile. Granted its Thursday already and only 1 day left to make up for the slow week. Not like it’s been totally dead, but nowhere near as busy as I’d like it to be. Then again… is it ever?

Lot’s of auditions and marketing so the work is out there and will be coming in, but anyone who has been in this position knows exactly what it’s like. We all go through it.

One of my favorite, longest and best clients and I had a talk about it earlier this week, right after he sent me a project 🙂 He has been having a week or 2 like this one as well so we commiserated together over email.

On the plus side, what has been coming in has been paying better, so there is an upside.

Plus tomorrow night Marie and I have Get Outta My Head on MTFB. Truly one of the highlights of my week. Still working on the idea of the podcast/extension of the show, just trying to find the time to fit it in. Marie is going to have her own show on MTFB starting Sunday Sept. 11th at 6pm PDT.. more details forthcoming on that.

Speaking of Get Outta My Head. If you missed last week’s show (shame shame shame) check it out here Breaking Down Doors as our niece is on the show and we discuss depression and suicide and how it impacts everyone around us.

Til next time, when either I see you, or you hear me… be good to each other.

Oh, don’t forget to check my website out: Mike’s VO Website which in the next week so I plan on moving but I’ll still have this one redirected to the new one.

Been really busy..

It’s been a great couple of weeks in the booth. I’ve been so busy that there were actually a couple of projects I wasn’t sure I was going to get finished on time. I am however now at the spot where I’m marketing more than recording. Just the cycle that we all have to go through at times. I am not however going to focus on that, I’m going to focus on the good and the new.

Amazon and ACX have kept me pretty busy. I have a few new titles up. Unexplained Disappearances is one for you mystery buffs. Several unsolved cases of disappearances throughout history. Check it out if you get the chance.

Causation is a text helped to describe and instruct on the causality and how it affects our lives. This was a very interesting one to narrate as not only did I learn a lot myself, it challenged me in the reading style. Definitely worth looking at.

If you like ghost and haunting stories Haunted Asylums is definitely for you then. I know I enjoyed reading it, well I’m kind of weird that way anyway but the subject is something that I truly enjoy learning about so narrating it was a lot of fun.

Don’t forget Breaking Into Hollywood by my now friend and author Michael Uva. I loved reading his life story. He actually came on the radio show a couple of weeks ago: The Madhouse with special guest Mike Uva and talked about some of the stories in the book and his fascinating life. And if you listen to the show, yes he did send me pictures of the sugar bowl (that’s all I’m gonna say about that, you’ll have to listen to either the book or the show to find out)

The Worst Female Serial Killers In History is another fascinating listen. Again it is a favorite subject of mine and I completely enjoyed narrating this one. If you are like so many others that I know and are fascinated by the minds and actions of serial killers, definitely one to check out.

The 2 big projects that I’ve been working on I can’t really say much about as I am under an NDA for both of them. Suffice it to say that they were very educational and a lot of fun.

So what’s on the horizon? Well Get Outta My Head w/Marie and Janos has been a really big hit. We honestly feel that we’ve been able to touch a few lives and that makes it worth it for both of us. So much so that we are planning a weekly podcast as a continuation of the show. Look for more updates on that in the next week or so. It’s something that both Marie and I are very passionate about so we’re moving from the planning stages to the production stages as quickly as we can.

That’s about all for now. I know this one is a little longer than normal but I guess that’s what happens when I don’t update the ole blog as often as I should. Someone should remind me to get on that more often.

Check out my website : Mike Hatak Voice Over Talent for demos and info on my voice over services or you can always contact me here and we can discuss your project and how I can help with it.

Until the next time I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other.

Bad me, haven’t blogged in too long…

Yes it’s been too long since I’ve said hi to everyone, but I have a really good excuse… I’ve been really busy. Ok so that’s really not an excuse and I need to take a page from  Dave Courvoisier‘s book and blog at like 3am. It’s not like I’m not awake at that time anyway and it’s a good quiet time for blogging.

So what have I been up to? Just recently finished a pretty high dollar rush project for a new client that has already hired me for 2 more projects and it looks like there might be more down the road from them as well. If anything can be learned from this it’s this: dazzle new clients. Well you should dazzle all your clients but new ones especially. They were so amazed that I got their project done in not only under their deadline but 3 days under their deadline and they didn’t need to ask for any revisions or changes at all.

A couple of new local radio ads airing in Arizona that I’m really happy with.

New books on Amazon I’m really proud of. The Worst Female Serial Killers in History is up for sale on Amazon/Audible/Itunes and is an interesting listen. If you’re like most people I know the subject of serial killers fascinates you and this little audio book is no exception, some scary women in this one.

Knowledge of the Past, Possible, and Future: A Dialogue is another up for sale on those 3 platforms. It’s interesting and was a technical challenge to produce. The author wanted it to seem like a telephone conversation between the 2 characters in the book.

Breaking into the Movies! From Inglewood to Hollywood!: What Really Happens Behind the Lights and the Long Road to Get There! Is one I am particularly proud of. It’s the life story of Michael Uva who broke into the movie business as a grip. I mean what the hell is a grip? That’s what got me interested in the book in the 1st place. He has since become a good friend and we go back and forth calling each other, “The Other Michael” in our communications with each other. He’s going to making an appearance on my radio show tomorrow night The Madhouse @ 5pm PDT. Tune in if you can. If you can’t make it the show will be available at the above link on demand as soon as the show is over. It’s bound to be a fun conversation and the guy has so many hilarious stories about his work in the movie business.

That’s it for now. I promise that I will be better at getting the word out. Until the next time I see you, or you hear me, be good to one another.



Been a few days but a few good-long days….

It’s been a few days since I’ve talked about anything, but there’s a really good reason. Between being made Station Manager @ MTFB Radio, doing my radio show The Madhouse, DJ’n elsewhere, my voice overs, keeping my schedule for producing the audio book contracts that I have and auditioning for new ones, auditioning for other work; it’s been busy. A good busy though. The kind that makes you smile at the end of the day knowing you got a lot accomplished.

Picked up a new “agent” in the UK: Voice Stable as well as getting steady regional radio spots from my new friend Jeff over at Moore Quality Products I’m rather enjoying where things are going.

Picked up a couple new book contracts, short ones that are already done and at #acx for QA approval.

On top of it all have still been able to spend some quality time with Marie away from it all and just enjoy being together. Tuesday nights are still movie nights and we are sticking to that no matter what our weird, convoluted schedules throw at us.

I will be putting up my own voice over website in the next couple of days. We have one for WhisperWolf Creations but the more I think of it the more I need to have one for myself. Twitter, FB, a blog all up and going. Commercial demo on youtube My Commercial Demo but need to keep the marketing machine going.

A podcast is in the planning stages. I have several show ideas already sorta planned out and working on pre-production. Once Marie and I get Get Outta My Head up and going: airing on Friday nights @ MTFB Radio on Friday nites at 5pm PDT (debut show this Friday the 22nd) I’ll concentrate on it more.

I think that about catches everything up. As always if I you have voice over needs please contact me and we can discuss them. Always open to new projects.

Til I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other….

2 Audio Books up on Amazon

This one will be short and sweet as I have a lot of recording that I have to get done today before I DJ tonight at 8pm my time.

Just got word from ACX that I have 2 new titles up on Amazon, Audible and I-Tunes available for purchase.

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of Australia this one might be for you:

Australia: Travel the World Series

If you’ve ever wondered about building your own greenhouse, for whatever reason. Be it growing your own food for you and your family, trying to sell crops, or just being prepared, then this title might be of interest to you:

Greenhouse: How To Build Your Own Greenhouse

Until I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other.

Just some thoughts….

Had a really interesting and good day yesterday. 1st of all had the great honor to DJ a fund raiser for RFL (cancer research charity). That is always such a humbling experience. The good people that come out and support the cause, donating not only their time but also their money to help fight cancer. Gives me some faith in humanity again.

Had a great set with Marie. We rocked out for 3 hours and had a total blast. Most fun I’ve had DJ’n in a very long time. Well, since the last time her and I were able to work together.

Today has been a really good day. Not only did I get an audio book for #acx complete I got paid on 1 submitted book and have 2 more that are getting ready to be put on the marketplace. I also ran across an author  that I used to work with back in the old corporate days. I sent him a message on LinkedIn and I did submit an audition to produce his book for him. Whether he picks me or not I have no idea. I don’t think that he’ll pick me just cause he knows me from a past life, he’s not that type of guy. He’ll pick the voice talent that he has in his head for what the book should sound like. All I have to say is that it would be an honor to produce his book for him.

Did a couple of new drops for the radio station I work for, MTFB radio. Live and recorded shows can be heard, as well as our schedule, located here: MTFB Radio @ SLAviation Network  Shameless plug I know, but I’m getting pretty good at those.

Speaking of. Check out my profile: Michael’s Profile for any and all of your voice over work needs.

Til the next time I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other….