Day 3 of the 90 video in 90 day challenge…

Is up on YouTube. Check it out here: Video #3 as I share a story about a woman who went to the police to have her cocaine checked for purity… And another story about what happens when you run from the cops.

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Until I talk to you again…..


90 Videos in 90 Days

So I recently did a book for Audible on marketing secrets on YouTube and in the book the author issues a challenge to do 90 videos in 90 days. I said what the hell?

Then it hit me, what the heck am I gonna talk about for 90 videos in 90 days? Um…. STUPID PEOPLE IN THE NEWS!!!!!

Yep that’s right taken right from The Madhouse I have accepted the 90 day 90 video challenge and will be presenting video versions of Stupid People In The News for your enjoyment.

The 1st one is here: Stupid People In The News Video Segment on my YouTube channel and yes I started it off with the best, the Bedazzled VaJayJay.

New videos everyday with the antcis of the people we don’t want to be in the news, coming your way. Check out my channel: My YouTube Channel give the videos a watch, like and subscribe for all new ones every day for the next 90 days. And who knows, I’ll probably throw some other stuff in there as well.

As always, thanks in advance, and you’ll hear from me soon.