I say I’m gonna do this more and I just don’t…..

Ok so keeping up with this isn’t as easy as I thought it might be. I mean there is a lot going on. Ok that’s just an excuse. I have to start thinking a bit different where the old blog is concerned and remember just how important it actually is. The problem is that I normally think of it later at night and by then… well you know.

So what’s been going on? It’s been hot and cold actually. Slow the beginning of the last couple of weeks and picking up later in the week. I hope the same thing happens this week or it’s going to be the worst week I’ve had in awhile. Granted its Thursday already and only 1 day left to make up for the slow week. Not like it’s been totally dead, but nowhere near as busy as I’d like it to be. Then again… is it ever?

Lot’s of auditions and marketing so the work is out there and will be coming in, but anyone who has been in this position knows exactly what it’s like. We all go through it.

One of my favorite, longest and best clients and I had a talk about it earlier this week, right after he sent me a project 🙂 He has been having a week or 2 like this one as well so we commiserated together over email.

On the plus side, what has been coming in has been paying better, so there is an upside.

Plus tomorrow night Marie and I have Get Outta My Head on MTFB. Truly one of the highlights of my week. Still working on the idea of the podcast/extension of the show, just trying to find the time to fit it in. Marie is going to have her own show on MTFB starting Sunday Sept. 11th at 6pm PDT.. more details forthcoming on that.

Speaking of Get Outta My Head. If you missed last week’s show (shame shame shame) check it out here Breaking Down Doors as our niece is on the show and we discuss depression and suicide and how it impacts everyone around us.

Til next time, when either I see you, or you hear me… be good to each other.

Oh, don’t forget to check my website out: Mike’s VO Website which in the next week so I plan on moving but I’ll still have this one redirected to the new one.


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