Been a few days but a few good-long days….

It’s been a few days since I’ve talked about anything, but there’s a really good reason. Between being made Station Manager @ MTFB Radio, doing my radio show The Madhouse, DJ’n elsewhere, my voice overs, keeping my schedule for producing the audio book contracts that I have and auditioning for new ones, auditioning for other work; it’s been busy. A good busy though. The kind that makes you smile at the end of the day knowing you got a lot accomplished.

Picked up a new “agent” in the UK: Voice Stable as well as getting steady regional radio spots from my new friend Jeff over at Moore Quality Products I’m rather enjoying where things are going.

Picked up a couple new book contracts, short ones that are already done and at #acx for QA approval.

On top of it all have still been able to spend some quality time with Marie away from it all and just enjoy being together. Tuesday nights are still movie nights and we are sticking to that no matter what our weird, convoluted schedules throw at us.

I will be putting up my own voice over website in the next couple of days. We have one for WhisperWolf Creations but the more I think of it the more I need to have one for myself. Twitter, FB, a blog all up and going. Commercial demo on youtube My Commercial Demo but need to keep the marketing machine going.

A podcast is in the planning stages. I have several show ideas already sorta planned out and working on pre-production. Once Marie and I get Get Outta My Head up and going: airing on Friday nights @ MTFB Radio on Friday nites at 5pm PDT (debut show this Friday the 22nd) I’ll concentrate on it more.

I think that about catches everything up. As always if I you have voice over needs please contact me and we can discuss them. Always open to new projects.

Til I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other….


2 Audio Books up on Amazon

This one will be short and sweet as I have a lot of recording that I have to get done today before I DJ tonight at 8pm my time.

Just got word from ACX that I have 2 new titles up on Amazon, Audible and I-Tunes available for purchase.

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of Australia this one might be for you:

Australia: Travel the World Series

If you’ve ever wondered about building your own greenhouse, for whatever reason. Be it growing your own food for you and your family, trying to sell crops, or just being prepared, then this title might be of interest to you:

Greenhouse: How To Build Your Own Greenhouse

Until I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other.

Just some thoughts….

Had a really interesting and good day yesterday. 1st of all had the great honor to DJ a fund raiser for RFL (cancer research charity). That is always such a humbling experience. The good people that come out and support the cause, donating not only their time but also their money to help fight cancer. Gives me some faith in humanity again.

Had a great set with Marie. We rocked out for 3 hours and had a total blast. Most fun I’ve had DJ’n in a very long time. Well, since the last time her and I were able to work together.

Today has been a really good day. Not only did I get an audio book for #acx complete I got paid on 1 submitted book and have 2 more that are getting ready to be put on the marketplace. I also ran across an author  that I used to work with back in the old corporate days. I sent him a message on LinkedIn and I did submit an audition to produce his book for him. Whether he picks me or not I have no idea. I don’t think that he’ll pick me just cause he knows me from a past life, he’s not that type of guy. He’ll pick the voice talent that he has in his head for what the book should sound like. All I have to say is that it would be an honor to produce his book for him.

Did a couple of new drops for the radio station I work for, MTFB radio. Live and recorded shows can be heard, as well as our schedule, located here: MTFB Radio @ SLAviation Network  Shameless plug I know, but I’m getting pretty good at those.

Speaking of. Check out my profile: Michael’s Profile for any and all of your voice over work needs.

Til the next time I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other….



Busy day….

It has been one of those. Was up early and did my radio show. Had a really good time with it this morning: Friday’s Morning Madhouse (in case you want to take a listen, yes I know a shameless plug but I’m getting pretty good at those)

Right after that a quick 5 min break then back behind the microphone recording auditions and audio books. I really do love doing this stuff and I know that with hard work it all pays off. Lest anyone think that sitting there talking to yourself for 8-10 hours a day is easy, trust me its not. It sure isn’t the hardest job in the world, but easy doesn’t quite describe it either.

It’s a constant time battle between auditioning, working on projects you have, marketing yourself to future clients, then starting all over again. It’s great actually, I’m not gonna lie.

That’s all for now. I just wanted to stop in and say hi and see how everyone is doing. Til next time I see you, or you hear me, be good to each other.

Already it’s been a good day and it really is just getting started

Well ok, it didn’t start off that great. I did have my radio show this morning:

which in and of itself was a pretty good show. However….. Well see the show starts at 8am my time. I woke up at….. 7:57am. Yeah I know. For some reason my alarm just didn’t do the job this morning. Luckily I’ve been doing this for so long that it literally took me 1 min to get ready to get on air and get the show going.

After my show is over I start getting into my ACX/Audible/Amazon projects for the day. Completed the 1st 15 min for review for a project I received yesterday. Got the opening and closing credits done on, and closed the “book” so to speak on 2 other projects. And while I was getting ready to audition for another project low and behold a new offer. I was in the process of reviewing it when another offer came in from an author I’ve worked with in the past. One I really enjoy working with and this book is going to be one heck of a fun read.

To be quite honest I’m sitting here a little overwhelmed. Not that I have too much to do, well I’m getting close, but at the success of working with ACX so far. I have 9 projects so far. 3 are done and waiting on ACX approval before publishing for sale. 2 that I will be able to finish today with no problem whatsoever. And 4 that are in various stages of production. I won’t have any problems with the deadlines, I’m just taken aback by the success of working through ACX.

Ok, enough for now. It’s time for me to get back to work. Til next time… I’ll see or you’ll hear me, we just don’t know which one will be 1st.

Today so far….

I gotta tell ya, it’s not even 3pm for me and it’s already been a day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining or anything.

Went out for some errands this morning and had to walk because of the plate on my truck that was either stolen or fell off. Well long story short, having to go to the bank to deal with a potential fraud issue for your Mother who worries about whether or not the sun is going to shine is not a fun experience. sighs…… Sometimes I have to remember that I am her only child and I am just now paying her back for everything she’s done for me over the years.

Had to take a quick break, an author just called me. Coincidentally his name is Michael as well. We’ve taken to signing our emails to each other, “The other Michael.” I’m doing his autobiography. I saw the project and read the sample script and just fell in love with his story. What a fascinating life he’s lead. Will the audio book sell? Don’t know. I do know that I’m going to have fun with this project no matter what.

Ok enough rambling for the moment, I have to get back behind the mic. Til later my friends, I’ll see you soon, or you’ll hear me soon, until then… keep talking.

Why a Blog?

That’s a good question. I’ve asked myself the same one over the years and finally decided it was time to “get with the times” and do one.

I’ll talk about the projects I’m working on, auditions, life as a voice over talent and more. If there is anything specific anyone would like me to write about just shoot me a note.

Real quick history on myself. Started off performing as a guitar player in my early teens. Did that for almost 30 years til I hung it up for good. There are times that I miss performing, but I found a new outlet.

That’s right, DJ’n. I’ve been a DJ for over 10 years now. Mostly internet radio for some really big stations, but I did have opportunity to work for a station in Arizona where I had my own show. Not only a lot of fun, but such a learning experience.

It was a natural progression to move into voice over work. I mean I’ve been producing my own spots, drops, ads, commercials, jingles, promo spots and what not since day 1 it just made sense.

Talk about a whole new world. Yes you are your own boss, but its not like you can tell yourself to go take a flying leap. You still have to get up and work, and work hard, if you want to pay the bills. That takes discipline. Unless of course you like living in the dark.

So what am I working on currently? Well I currently have 5 projects in the works through ACX who are the distributors of audio books for Amazon/Audible/I-Tunes. Plus about half a dozen other little projects that always pop up. You know the ones. Little one offs that take 30 min or less, give you some cash and you move on to the next ones.

That’s about it to start off. I’ll update more when I have the info on the publish dates for the audio books. Oh I’ll be updating this blog before that, just saying those dates will definitely be updated here.

I am working in a new podcast. Once I have a a couple in the can I’ll link them here so anyone that wants to give a listen can.

Take care all and be safe. Happy 4th of July to all, and I’ll catch you on the airwaves soon.